About Jason

➡️ Why I’m the Right Fit

  • Conversion content expert (Words that drive sales, leads, and conversions)
  • On-Page SEO wizard (Google and I went to college together)
  • Multiple writing tones (Conversational, professional, technical, funny)
  • Able to handle large or small content workloads efficiently to meet your deadlines
  • Officer in the United States Army (I understand the importance of accuracy, commitment, and reliability)
  • Business owner with start-up, financing, and operations experience

Hi, there! My wide range of skills affords your team the ability to accomplish all of this and more in a one-stop-shop environment. If I’m writing content for you and your team, I always ask what your goal is first so I can best utilize my experience to help shape the content to achieve that goal.

Work Experience


Featured Publications

  • The Motley Fool
  • USA Today
  • MSN.com
  • GearMoose
  • Best Online Dating
  • NASDAQ.com
  • Value Penguin
  • Upswing Poker
  • Share Wise
  • Interest.com
  • Living Confidently
  • The Simple Dollar
  • ReviewMeals.com
  • Rev.com
  • Gamblingsites.com
  • The Sports Geek